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Ultimate Guide to Laser Hair Removal

Ultimate Guide to Laser Hair Removal

Whether you go for 'nothing below the eyebrows' or only de-fuzz your legs when you absolutely have to, hair removal can feel like a real chore! 

Nevertheless, most of us choose to remove some portion of our body hair, so it's good to know the options available. At AMP Clinic we've put together a guide to laser hair removal, to help you understand the benefit of this fast & effective treatment. 


Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal works by targeting the hair follicles with a concentrated beam of light. The applied light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, the temperature in the root rises and causes damage to the follicle inhibiting hair growth, significantly reducing and even permanently removing the hair

Identifying Your Skin Tone

At AMP clinic on your initial free consultation our aesthetic Practioners will use something called the Fitzpatrick Scale to classify skin colour, our advanced lasers mean we can currently treat every skin type indicated on the scale.

The only limitation surrounds suntanned skin, which cannot always be treated with laser hair removal. The risks associated with using lasers on suntanned skin are to do with the concentration of the melanin, rather than just its presence, which is why suntanned skin is different from simply treating darker skin tones. The restriction also applies to false tans as the laser will not be able to differentiate the source of the skin tone.

We have set protocols in place which allow us to continue with your treatment once your skin has been assessed & re tested post sun exposure. 


What To Expect From Laser Hair Removal

It’s important to note that laser treatments offer a permanent reduction of unwanted hair growth, there is no treatment for complete removal. 

There are however studies showing that laser hair removal can result in up to a 90% permanent reduction in growth. For the best results we recommend that you undergo a course of between 6-8 treatments depending on the area. This is because the hair growth cycle occurs in phases and only hairs in the first stage can be treated by the laser, the multiple treatments ensure that every hair is eventually targeted. 

Patients are often misinformed that they cannot shave in between the sessions of their treatment course. This is not true, you can keep the area hair free by shaving, although we do not recommend patients wax or pluck between treatments as this will be removing the hair from the root, which can disrupt the growth cycle & make subsequent visits less effective. 

One of the great benefits of laser hair removal is that it’s a highly effective way of treating ingrown hairs. Meaning you can enjoy smoother skin for longer. 


The Diode Laser 

At AMP we use the LinScan 808, the laser wavelength can be adjusted to suit your needs by changing the current applied to the diode. These machines offer a very fast, effective, minimal pain treatment & work well for all skin types. 

The wavelength is 800nm-810nm & the machine comes with sapphire contact cooling integrated into the laser hand-piece, this protects the surrounding skin from excessive heat & makes the treatment comfortable without the use of topical anaesthetics. 

Benefits of using Diode Laser 

  • Longer wavelength allows deeper skin penetration 
  • Large areas of skin can be treated quickly 
  • Fast recovery 
  • Adjustable laser wavelength - flexibility 
  • Can effectively treat all skin types 
  • Reduced risk of epidermis damage 


Laser Hair Removal offers a permanent reduction in unwanted hair growth, so it’s a long-term solution not offered by any other method – a course of between for & eight sessions means most patients are free from the chore of regular hair removal!  The therapeutic quality of the light also means Laser Hair Removal can treat ingrown hairs. 

Costs: The cost of laser hair removal varies depending on the area being treated & how many sessions you choose to have. As a guide, a course of upper lip treatments can start from as little as £46 per treatment. 

We are currently offering 20% off all laser hair courses purchased in April & May so call or email us to discuss your free consultation 01295 234 000 or email

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