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At AMP Clinic we will assess your skin thoroughly and formulate a bespoke treatment regimen based upon your symptoms.

At AMP Clinic we are able to recommend a combination of treatments, which may include chemical peels, Diode Light Therapy - blue light wavelength has an anti-bacterial action that is especially effective in treating acne, whilst red light has healing properties and particularly benefits broken skin, as well as treatments with proven cosmeceutical ingredients from Cerepharma 'ClariFort' acne range for maintenance and use at home.

It is important to note that any prescribed regimen to treat acne requires several months to be able to fully assess the level of individual response and we recommend regular clinic reviews.

Alongside the recommended therapies, we would advise the following principles:

Prompt recognition and assessment of symptoms is crucial if acne is suspected, to prevent scarring and to enhance the effectiveness of any subsequent prescribed regimens

Certain prescribed treatments may cause some initial irritation or dryness, which will have been fully explained during the consultation

Scratching or picking irritated areas may result in scarring and is not advisable

Acne is not contagious and there is no risk of transmission to others

There is currently no evidence to support the notion that a poor diet comprising chocolate, sweets and greasy food, plays a significant role in acne. This is a common, yet, unsubstantiated myth.

For further information on Acne call or visit our clinic based in Greatworth which also serves Brackley, Buckingham, Banbury, Bicester, Towcester and the counties of Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.