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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

For millions of women across the UK Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a part of life. Its a very common condition in which cysts form on the ovaries. While in a lot of cases these cysts cause no health concerns at all, they can result in hormonal imbalances, as the ovaries start to produce more male hormones than normal.

While the exact cause of PCOS is unknown it is thought to be associated with abnormal hormone levels, including high levels of insulin. Its often a hereditary condition so its important to check if any female members of your family have suffered with any similar symptoms previously.  

PCOS can trigger symptoms such as; excess hair growth on the face & body, oily acne prone skin, irregular or no periods, thinning hair, weight gain & difficulty conceiving. Whilst there is currently no cure for PCOS here at AMP Clinic we are able to reccomend a combination of treatments that will help manage & maintain the symptoms.


Laser Hair Removal - We use a Diode laser to help manage & permanantly remove excess hair, the treatment is performed with settings that have been proven in practice over many years.

Diode Light Therapy - This treatment has a blue light wavelength that has an anti bacterial action that is very effective in treating acne, we also use red light which has healing properties that particularly befefits broken skin. 

Chemical Peels - We use a variation of different types of chemical peel to effectively treat acne this stimulates cell turnover which in turn exfoliates and brightens skin tone and texture that leads to very effective results.

Salt Microdermabraison - This treatment offers stimulation of the underlying dermis to help boost collagen, stimulate blood & lymphatic circulation, whilst removing the dead surface layer of the skin with the natural salt. 

Clarifort Acne Range - We have a specifically formulated range of acne care products that help maintain & treat your skin at home. The products in our rangwe contain active ingriedients that are designed to help you manage your breakouts, whilst not dehydrating or causing damage to your skin.

Hair Restoration - H-Stim, a new non-invasive hair renewal serum combines a powerful range of proven active formulations known to relieve the problems of thinning hair. When combined with ‘red-diode light therapy, H-Stim Recovery Serum is proven to be very effective against excessive hair loss.