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A sterile, single use device which significantly improves the appearance of stretch marks, skin tone and texture, areas of sun damage and fine lines. The treatment works by stimulating the skin through micro needle marks (an anaesthetic agent is used beforehand) to encourage the skin to repair itself and thus produce new collagen; it is through this healing process that an overall rejuvenation of the skin is apparent. The dermaroller effectively treats the face, neck and décolletage as well as areas of the body. A fantastic combination treatment which works well alongside any injectable treatment to enhance the final result.

Dermaroller Frequently Asked Questions

How uncomfortable is the treatment?

The anaesthetic cream applied to the area of skin to be treated is allowed 30 minutes to exert effect, the treatment takes a further 30 minutes to perform. It is not painful but mild discomfort is not uncommon, the local anesthetic cream is extremely effective.

How long does the redness last?

The redness may last as long as 72 hours in a small number of individuals but more commonly up to 48 hours. The majority of individuals note a significant reduction in their redness after just 24 hours. It is possible to see an improvement in the weeks following just 1 single dermaroller treatment although studies performed to demonstrate the best results are based upon a course of three treatments. The clinician expects to see an even red appearance across the full face immediately following treatment as this is indicates that the skin has been stimulated to the correct degree for treatment to be effective.

Who is unsuitable for Dermaroller?

Active skin lesions; eczema, dermatitis and acne are conditions which are unsuitable for dermaroller. Acne scaring is wholly suitable as well as open pores, thickened & sun damaged skin. An individual who regularly exposes their skin to sun would be unsuitable for the dermaroller as the skin is initially sensitized immediately after treatment. It is widely known that cumulative UVA exposure is damaging to the skin. High factor SPF worn daily is crucial following treatment. 

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