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Mole and Skin Tag Removal

AMP skin and laser clinic offer procedures to remove moles and skin tags from the face and body. Although most are harmless, people can become very self conscious of them and opt to have them removed.

What removal options are there?

We offer two types of mole removal treatment.
Shave Removal: Moles that protrude from the skin can simply be shaved away by a medical practitioner under local anaesthetic. This is usually done using a scalpel, but is relatively straightforward and painless. A pink mark may be left, which will fade over time.
Excision Removal: Other moles can be cut away via an excision. This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and requires a small stitch in the skin. A small scar will be left, which will fade over time.

What will happen at your consultation?

You will see a doctor or Medical Director thoroughly trained in mole removal treatment at your consultation, who will perform a thorough mole check, advising on whether further removal treatment is required. You may have specific concerns and questions, which your doctor will discuss. The method of removal depends on the size and shape of the mole and will be decided in your consultation.

Treatment Cost 

Consultation £150.00 (redeemable against cost of treatment)

1 - 3 Moles £250.00

4-10 Moles £350.00

For further information on Mole and Skin Tag Removal call or visit our clinic based in Greatworth which also serves Brackley, Buckingham, Banbury, Bicester, Towcester and the counties of Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.