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Neostrata & Heliocare


Neostrata® is scientifically advanced and clinically proven skin care, which has been developed to target specific skin concerns and can improve the appearance of the following presentations:

Mild/Moderate acne
Open/closed comedones (whiteheads & blackheads)
Sun-induced skin damage, which may manifest in a dull, lax and thickened skin texture, as well as hyperpigmentation
Hypersensitive skin such as Rosacea
Severe dryness
Fine lines and wrinkles

Core formulated & patented ingredients include:

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Glycolic Acid, Mandelic Acid & Citric Acid)
Poly Hydroxy Acids: Gluconolactone
Bionic Hydroxy Acids: Lactobionic Acid & Maltobionic Acid
Vitamin A derivatives, Vitamins C & E
Amino Acids
Botanical Extract


The Heliocare Sunscreens provide clinically advanced anti ageing skin protection. A key ingredient within the range is the patented natural Fernblock Photoimmunoprotection Technology.

Fernblock is extracted from Polypodium Leucotomos, a fern originating from South America, which has developed it’s own natural protective mechanisms against UV radiation and has been used for the treatment of dermatological conditions.  Fernblock has been proven in extensive scientific and clinical studies published in peer review dermatology and scientific journals to be a powerful natural skin-specific anti-oxidant and skin protector.